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Potatoes!!! (and prosciutto-wrapped chicken)

July 31, 2006



Yes, the prosciutto-wrapped (and grilled) chicken was very good. But the Po…ta…toes… were delicious. Hence, their heroic treatment in the photograph. Their superpowers stem from cheese, of course.

Notice the reappearance of those photogenic beans. We love ’em. I should say, my husband and I love them. One of our diners, let’s call her “Tessie,” shuns them from her plate. (Her name is made up, but her loathing of greens is real.) We’re working hard to convince her they’re tasty and delicious, but she, ever polite, will not be swayed. Will our powers of persuasion win out over years of non-green eating? Stay tuned.

This was an experimental dinner on the husband’s part. It was largely a success. Of course, his diners, growing ever-more fat and self-satisfied on a diet of gourmet dinners, ventured to make a few suggestions to improve it in the next go round. (Except for the potatoes, of course. Near perfection is hard to improve upon.) But I’ll get to that later.

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Mmmm… Taco

July 25, 2006

Mmmm… Taco.


It’s taco night, kids. Since my husband started making these homemade tacos, it’s the highlight of my week (next to the chance to watch bad TV of my choice, such as “Project Runway” — which, by the way, I have yet to see this season. Are you reading this, K?).


My hubby has declared, in no uncertain terms, that the trick to this recipe is fresh salsa. And here’s another chance to take credit for his culinary prowess since he learned how to prepare fresh salsa from my family (who have no Latin blood in them whatsoever).


Yes, fresh salsa is more work than canned, but it’s so worth it. Plus, you have the satisfaction of putting all those veggies into your cart, making you look like some kind of health-food nut/Iron Chef. (Or at least allowing you to rationalize the “party size” bag of Cheetos you’ll eat in the car on the ride home.) Then, in the checkout line, you can gaze with disdain at the processed foods of your fellow shopper while the cashier flips through that little binder searching for the product number of your veggies.

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Beef tenderloin with blue cheese, mushroom risotto and sugar snap peas

July 18, 2006

MMmm.. Dinner.


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To whet your appetite….

July 17, 2006

Kendle has been cooking for some time now, and I have been diligently eating — and photographing. Unfortunately, he’s not been as fastidious about writing down the how-to (hint, hint, husband).

I hope this blog is motivation for him and fodder for our internal project to make a family cookbook. For any readers who stumble across it, it will be a feast for the eyes — and for those who dare to make the recipes that will appear, satisfying to eat, too. Here’s a little taste to get you salivating…