Husband recommends the Hubby and his knives

August 14, 2006

Since we started this site, my wife and I have become avid readers of several others. There are a number of really entertaining and interesting sites. One that I think is the prettiest, and has entertaining writing, is the “Chubby Hubby.”

Today, Chubby Hubby has a great entry on sharpening your own blades. A sharp knife is very important. As much as it’s key to making a knife useful, it’s also a safety issue. Dull knifes don’t cut well, so they are more likely to slip. When that happens, your fingers run the risk of being caught in the fallout. So, I’d recommend you read the other Hubby’s thoughts today about sharpening. It may not be something you’d ever do yourself, but I think it helps to understand the nature of your tools.

Enjoy the entry.



  1. Hah I would never trust you with a knife!

  2. Hi – wonder if you can help me?

    I’ve just attempted to make my first carrot cake this weekend. I used a jamie oliver recipe. My cake tasts lovely, but the texture is like a bread pudding rather than a cake, what do you think I’m doing wrong? In Jamie’s recipe he separates the egg whites and you have to fold them in at the end, but I can’t see that this would be a problem. Perhaps I’m overworking the cake – I don’t know – I’ve made two now and they have both turned out the same! Hope you can help.


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