Introducing the MHC Colander!

October 4, 2006

MHCStrainer.jpgThis is a new series here at MHC. We are dedicated foodies, so that means we read, listen and watch food media as well as cook. So to help you devour all the web goodies out there, I — husband — decided to start this little feature called “The Colander”: It’s designed to help you separate all the morsels from the gristle. I hope that you enjoy it. So now, the straining begins…

Check out Chow, which has a feature story about a Co-Op grown in Brooklyn. Personally, this story horrified me. I’m a foodie, and I have gone to some lengths over the years to find the right whatever for a recipe. But I don’t think I could tolerate this commercial kibbutz — even for the chance for perfect food. The writer discusses the trials of having to work in, and the experience of shopping in, this Soviet-era style grocery. It made me thankful that I’ve got a half dozen gourmet grocers nearby. Oh, and don’t miss the comments to the article. Their snarkiness made me want to join in! You can find this interesting article and the even better fight here.

Our next media bite is an article my wife forwarded to me late last week, and I still am enjoying it. Bill Buford, author of this summer’s foodie-must-have book, Heat, wrote an article for this month’s New Yorker about watching Food TV for 72 hours straight. For those of you who, like me, have Food Network as a default channel and take a great number of “beauty” shots of food, it’s a must-read about the way things work when it comes to food and TV. His recounting of Julia Child’s start speaks to a world I can’t even imagine—a world before there were cooking shows! You can find Bill’s overdose and musing on culinary-vision here.

Finally, on that same Food Network note, Paula Dean of, well about a half-dozen shows, and owner of Savannah’s Lady and Sons, sat down with pop culture’s blogging goddess, Whitney Matheson, of USA Today’s Pop Candy. Whitney has a fun conversation and podcast with Paula as she does the rounds promoting her new show, Paula’s Party. Paula answers questions from Whitney’s readers that are interesting and enlightening with regard to Paula’s big personality. And they may inspire you as your prepare for MHC’s first blogging event. The Q & A from a week ago can be found here, and the podcast can be found here.


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