We strained it and found people who want healthy food!

October 7, 2006

MHCStrainer.jpgStudents at DePauw University in Indiana are protesting their college’s cafeteria. No, they aren’t protesting the mystery meat or lack of a salad bar. The students believe they are getting too many prepared foods and want the University to shop locally from nearby Indiana farmers. I have to admit I got a chuckle from this and it will be interesting to see how this develops. You can find the early AP story here.

On that same healthy food angle, former President Bill Clinton has decided to not yell at Fox News Reporters and, instead, to take on the wicked school vending machine. The former Big Mac-muncher-in-chief and recent bypass recipient has struck a deal with several companies. These large food producers will ensure that there will be healthy choices inside those big metal boxes. The story is much more interesting than it might appear at first blush because I think it speaks to the marriage of politics, public relations, business and food. You can find it here.


One comment

  1. It’s encouraging that this issue is finally being addressed in North America. I hope it will lead to Jamie Oliver type school cafeteria purges as well. I recall seeing a news item not long ago about kids growing food in their school garden and harvesting it for use in the school cafeteria. Wouldn’t it be great if more provinces and states would adopt the idea school gardens too!



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