Move over, spinach: Recall for e-coli on lettuce!

October 9, 2006

MHCStrainer.jpgThis is a sad report for those of us who love green. Besides a recent spinach recall, there is a new one involving lettuce here in the U.S. The Nunes Company has found E. coli in its irrigation system, newspapers are reporting. While clearly bad for Nunes, this is also not a good sign for the U.S. produce hub, California. I suspect growers and food retailers are going to really feel the pinch as the public loses faith in greens. Let’s hope this turns around soon. The first story I found is here, and I’ll update when I see more on the wire services tomorrow AM.



  1. I wish that the media would tell people to stop relying on others to wash their greens. It’s my understanding that the spinach recall was on “prewashed” spinach. I’m guessing it is the same for the lettuce? (no such luck in the case of the recent carrot juice recall though)

    While I understand that the ecoli can go right into the leaves and not necessarily be washed away, it’s my feeling that if people would just wash their vegetables with soap and then rinse well with clean water, there would be far fewer instances of these food recalls. I know I don’t exactly trust that a big factory is going to be doing all that great a job at mass washing greens. How often do they actually change their rinse water?

    And after all, how much time is really involved in washing and spin drying greens?


  2. I’m not familiar enough with the safety standards at the plants to know how or why something like this goes unchecked. But in general, I couldn’t agree more with you about relying on others.

    I think its doubly important as the market pushes towards more ‘organic’ cultivation. This means there are going to be a certain level of risk as compost and other ingredients used in growing are more susceptible if they are not also properly handled.

    And its not just greens, there are thousand of unnecessary cases of various food born illnesses that with an extra 30 seconds you can prevent.

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