We found food science and nostalgia

October 11, 2006

MHCStrainer.jpgPolitics and molecular food-ology
The New York Times has a fascinating article about the use of nanotechnology in the design of food. It also brings up the underlying political questions. As someone who is ready to embrace science in the advancement of food, I’m rooting for true molecular gastronomy.

Psychology of food and marketing
I love marketing. Its one of those places that art and science come together and create havoc. Some people say it dooms us all to be dullards and buy things we don’t want, need or should have. I think it’s fascinating, and speaks more to our internal design. If nothing else, this article is revealing of how food is sometimes less significant than the conditions in which it is offered.

Cast iron and manly cooking
I enjoy stories about men cooking. I mean it’s our shtick here at My Husband Cooks. This article is interesting because it’s about men cooking in a way that most of us don’t—with Dutch ovens over fire. As an American, this rustic form of cooking speaks to our history and its large open lands and westward expansion. It’s a nice bit of food nostalgia to compliment our innovative science stories.


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