Top Chef Mania?

October 19, 2006

MHCStrainer.jpgIn our post-Top Chef premiere exhaustion, I went straining for news of the non-Top Chef variety. Unfortunately, the two coolest things I found were Top Chef oriented.

Top Recipe: The Wong Way

One of last year’s contestants, Le Anne Wong, will be doing a weekly breakdown of the winning recipe. If you like what you see on the show, or didn’t get to see the show, it’s a quick break down of how to put the winning dish together. I think this is very cool and can’t wait to see how it evolves.

Colicchio chats with Chow
Chow has a great podcast with Top Chef judge and Craft-man, Tom Colicchio. It’s a fun interview because he discusses last seasons, this season and gives you some insight into how this renowned chef got involved with the show. Its also fascinating as a fan to here his unfiltered takes on some of the shows hi-jinks and how it really works. There is also an interview with the first eliminated chef Suyai.

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