Happy Halloween! And time for your lobotomy, Jack!

October 31, 2006

I love Halloween. To me, it’s the low maintenance holiday. It’s one where I don’t have to cook (though I never mind when I do), there are no concerns about keeping family happy, and it’s highly festive — even if I’m usually just handing out candy to the little ones. Clearly, we don’t yet have kids. I suspect you parents out there have great costume dilemmas and stories of children nauseous on candy, and are cursing me for even suggesting Halloween is low maintenance.

IMG_2394.JPGIMG_2384.JPGIMG_2417.JPGBecause we embrace Halloween so fully, last night, my wife and I had our annual pumpkin carving contest. Since we’ve been living together, this has been a regular festivity. It usually ends up with pumpkin guts everywhere and a heated debate over whose pumpkin is better. (Hers is the smaller one with the candle eyes. Mine is the one with the single tooth who looks like he’s having a good time.)

But the best part of carving pumpkins up is the seeds. While pumpkin flesh has many uses, actually going through the process of making pumpkin puree or roast pumpkin is too much. To keep the seeds, simply rinse off the guts, pat dry and place in a bag in the fridge. Use them relatively soon to ensure they don’t go rancid. I hope you keep yours. I’ll be using mine over the next few days for a few posts.

I know there are a number of you out there with interesting pumpkin recipes and Halloween stories, so feel free to share your pumpkin or candy treat recipes. I’ll be happy to link to them. If you have an interesting tale of trick or treat, I’d also be happy to pass those along to more people as well. I hope you enjoy the holiday and have lots of little ones at your door!

Oh, and I think you should agree that while my wife’s pumpkin has great eyes, my over all design is much more effective.

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  1. No recipes, or treats or anything food related, but we did have an incident with a naughty pumpkin at our house. Check it out here:


  2. That was absolutely hysterical. I suggest people go see Kate’s pumpkin.

  3. Great photos and pumpkins.

    Mimi, still catching up. . .

  4. Good evening, Hey! How are you? Happy late Hallowen! 😀

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