We found lots of women chefs and a whole lot of dessert!

November 1, 2006

MHCStrainer.jpgThe Globe’s look at a woman’s place in the kitchen

Our hook at My Husband Cooks is a play on a stereotype that men don’t cook at home. There is also the long running stereotype that woman aren’t chefs in the rough and tumble world of professional cooking. While neither stereotype is true, there is a change going on in both traditions. In today’s Boston Globe, they have an interesting story highlighting female chefs in the Boston Area and discussing what appears to be a trend nationally of women chefs. I found it interesting to see them discuss this issue and what they feel like their presence mean in the back of the house.

Simple desserts and lots of them

Now that we are in a post-Halloween candy crash, its already time to start planning Thanksgiving dinner. For feast such as this, there is a big pay off for the person who makes the best desserts; and today, the Post has some great simplified desserts to help you win the day. I linked the article, but the gold is in the side bar where there are about 12 great recipes.

Q&A with a DC’s own Top Chef contestant

This is a combination of shameless plug within a plug. Top Chef contestant, Emily Sprissier, had a quick Q & A with the Washington Post. It’s in today’s food section and a bit of hometown cheer as she is a Northern Virginia native. So I’m going to use this opportunity spawned by a plug for Top Chef tonight, to remind everyone about our Top Chef roundup for episode 3 is tomorrow morning. If you want to catch up with the first two episodes, you can check our previous entries. I think both the Q & A and our commentaries, mostly about Marcel’s hair, are great reads.

Week 1: Big Hair, Big Flame, Big Breakdown

Week 2: Otto “bows out,” not much food and a lot of drama about lychees


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