New Feature: MHC’s Recipe Index

December 1, 2006

We are introducing a new feature—our recipe index page. My wife made this great suggestion a couple of  weeks ago, and I said I was going to take care of it and never did. I think at this point you can enter your own domestic comedy metaphor (like a wife suggesting the grass needs to be cut) to give her suggestion context. So seeing as I was so on the ball, last night, she put together the page. I have to say she did a great job and I’m pleased to see so much of our work organized. It contains links to all of our recipes and tries to give them a good-old breakdown into useful categories. I hope you enjoy it. We’ll try to keep it updated so it’s as current as possible. You can find the page here or under the sidebar “Looking for Some Old Favorites.” Let us know if you see something missing or if you have any suggestions!


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