Better Blogging Through Downloads.

January 4, 2007


For those of you who have been reading the blog for awhile, you might have noticed there are regular comments that part of the recipes are being blocked by our photos. This puts us in an awkward position: We love our photos AND we love our recipes!

From the start, we’ve thought that telling the story both visually and literally is extremely important. To pass on the husband’s experience – and the wife’s eating pleasure! — it’s important that you see what we see, smell, taste and feel. (Or as best you can until they come up with smell-a-Web, lick-a-Web and feel-a-Web. The porn industry is eager for all of these developments, too.)

Finally we’ve come up with a solution to our Sophie’s choice between photos and recipes. We’ve added a feature — a recipe download. Now you can see the much-loved photos online and print out a handy copy of the entire recipe. PDF files of each recipe will be included at the beginning of each post.

(We’ll be working backwards in our recipe history to implement these PDF files, so please be patient! Eventually every post will have a PDF.)

Happy cooking and eating from the husband and wife! Oh and keep voting!



  1. Thanks for this! What a great value add.

  2. I voted. See? I have a purple thumb. MHC is in 2nd place when I voted, getting 25% of the popular vote.

    Another idea for sharing the recipes is getting a free BigOven account (www.bigoven.com), uploading the recipes and making your title the clickable link. You can check out what I mean by looking at my blog. But I do like your idea too!

  3. OOHH How exciting! I have to use IE for work, but whenever I have wanted to view a recipe, I opened firefox, and was able to see everything as I assume you intended. You might also consider putting up a “Best viewed in Mozilla Fire Fox” disclaimer, until you get all of them done.

    PS I voted yesterday. Is it dishonest to vote again?

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