Decision 2007: Is MHC the best new food blog?

January 4, 2007


Is it just an honor to be nominated? Well, we won’t answer that question just yet. See, we are in the hunt for Well Fed’s Best New Food Blog Award. This was very exciting, so much so that I had to run upstairs to wake my wife to tell her the incredible news (while she tried to get some sleep, I was putting on the finishing touches to our weekly Top Chef post). Seeing the hour it was and the degree of disturbance I caused, I am positive my wife wanted to know if I was going to serve the left over pistachio crunch ice cream during my nearly unintelligible rant about how thrilled I was. So while my lovely and droopy-eyed bride wanted either ice cream or sleep (favoring sleep I’m sure), I am filled with excitement and energy.

This leads us to the big issue, winning. Being a man, and a competitive one, I like to win. I mean I went to law school and became a lawyer so that should give you an idea of how cut throat I can be. However, winning this award requires people to vote. So if you feel we are worthy of your vote, I encourage you to vote for us.

Even if you don’t vote for us, I do encourage you to hop over to Well Fed. The other four blogs competing against us are really great blogs. Also, there are other categories which I also urge you to read and check out some real top rate food and writing.

So in the spirit of Kennedy-Nixon in 1960 and the Florida Fiasco in 2000, we encourage you to vote early and vote often! We also thank you for your support.

If you want to vote, you can just click here.



  1. Congratulations on your shortlisting. This is my first visit to your site – love the photo! – but I’m sure it won’t be my last. Cheers. Trig.

  2. Uh-oh. I’m a lawyer too. I hope that doesn’t disqualify us. It’s an honor to be nominated with you!

  3. I found your site on the food blog awards. Congratulations on your nomination! It’s a great site!

  4. Congratulations! Love your blog!


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