The big reveal…

May 23, 2007


Sort of… Ever been curious about us? Apparently the folks over at Culinate were as well. Not long ago, Liz Crain, their intrepid blog watcher, wanted to know more about us. So we did our first ever interview. If you’d like to plumb our depths or discover our secrets, then you can visit Culinate’s great site you and find the interview here.


  1. Great picture… and great blog. I am adding you to my blogroll since I come here regularly!

  2. Nice pic …. nice to meet you !

  3. Great piece on Culinate — Liz does a terrific job and it’s such fun to get to know more about my favorite bloggers.

  4. I’m so glad to finally meet Jack’s parents.:D

  5. Is that ice cream in that bowl? Maybe a fresh strawberry ice cream? I’m sure Jennifer would like some fresh strawberry ice cream, you’d better get to work…

  6. Wow. Great interview, love the picture. You have to come back, the new Top Chef starts in a couple of weeks! I cannot watch TC without your reviews!

  7. And what a beautiful reveal it is! The little one is too cute. 🙂

  8. Sweet baby!

    I second Jennifer’s Top Chef thoughts. June 6th – Season 1 vs. Season 2!

  9. You’re so cute family as my thought.
    Nice to meet u.

  10. How cute! Thanks for the picture, now I have even better visuals when I read your posts!

  11. You two are just too much fun. I have been sort of lurking and reading your blog, and enjoying your wonderful recipes for a while now. And frankly, you’ve been making us look really good at parties. Not that we couldn’t cook before, but your recipes make us look like pros. BUT, when the inevitable “Can I have the recipe?” is uttered I DO simply give them your URL. And not because I’m lazy and don’t want to write down the recipe — it’s because I believe in credit where credit is due. Anyway, congrats on all your recent good news. Not surprised that Culinate found your blog. Not surprised at all. Thanks for all the good food!

  12. Just love your website!!!!

    Great to finally ‘meet’ you – 🙂

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