Bangin’ in the New Year

December 31, 2006

Ah, so it’s New Year’s Eve and we don’t have much to impart from the culinary perspective. Both my wife and I are worn to the nub… we have cooked up a storm while on the road with family. We had 20 for Christmas dinner, and then 7, 7 and 15 on the days afterward. It was exciting, but exhausting. And the biggest tragedy is that we have left you, our faithful and loyal readers, with no good recipe for tonight or tomorrow. That means empty pots and pans. Luckily, we know how to put them to use.

Here in Cincinnati, which we will leave shortly to be back inside the beltway for the New Year, we have a strong set of German, Irish and Appalachian heritage. This means that we have traditions. One of those traditions is perfect for your empty pots and pans.

The story goes that at midnight on New Year’s, you break out your pots and pans and beat them to ring in the holiday. There are myriad traditions that follow this same idea — Persians, Finns, Poles… Yes, the pots and pans are cheap noisemakers. But all these traditions agree they also ward off bad spirits. So, if you find yourself with an empty dutch oven around midnight, feel free to give a good whack in hopes of celebrating a glorious 2007. Happy New Year’s from us to you!


  1. So did you get to eat out anywhere besides Skyline and Graeter’s while you visited our fair city? If so, please spill.

  2. We are originally from the ‘Nati. Unfortunately, other than Graeters and Skyline, we didn’t get to anywhere interesting. My wife’s family now lives in Cleveland so we spent half of the holiday period with them.

    We went to some old standby’s like Pomidori’s, but nothing exciting. We did more cooking then getting a chance to even go to get ribs at Mongomery Inn. Alas, I am lucky I have family there so we’ll get some soon enough.

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