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  1. […] We are introducing a new feature—our recipe index page. My wife made this great suggestion a couple weeks ago, and I said I was going to take care of and never did. I think at this point you can enter your own domestic comedy metaphor (like a wife suggesting the grass needs to be cut) to give her suggestion context. So seeing as I was so on the ball, last night, she put together the page. I have to say she did a great job and I’m pleased to see so much of our work organized. It contains links to all of our recipes and tries to give them a good-old breakdown into useful categories. I hope you enjoy it. We’ll try to keep it updated so it’s as current as possible. You can find the page here or under the sidebar “Looking for Some Old Favorites.” Let us know if you see something missing or if you have any suggestions! […]

  2. […] So for those of you also cooking, good luck. If you looking for ideas, go ahead and click the recipe index. From that list, we’ll be doing ramen noodle salad, parsnip chips, and cornbread stuffing. We’ve got a few more dishes to take care of like the turkey and debuting a show piece that will make its appearance on the blog soon if it’s good enough. […]

  3. HI Kendall and Jen, I love what you are doing and can’t wait to see Jack when you are in NC I am looking for a great seared sesame tuna and sauce. Any favorites….

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  5. I love the recipes your husband cooks—am very eager to obtain one in particular–the pineapple doughnut recipe had it as a child—love it please how may i get it? Thanx mandy

  6. I love the cornbread dressing variant you have, I too am a husband who cooks and I love it. Ive been doing a variation of this but never thought of the chorizo(which I love) I’ll be giving this a try soon. Thanks

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  8. […] I could make a suggestion about delicious hors d’oeuvres. We have plenty in our recipe index, but I’m actually going to speak to the bigger foul — the beer. Oh, I know some of you people […]

  9. Summer produce is really great this year and your salad looks wonderful. After viewing the mouthwatering bruschetta scene in the movie Julie and Julia in which thick slices of bread are fried in olive oil then topped with tomatoes and basil, I have been googling for anyone who may know how to duplicate the dish. If you do attend the movie, I’m sure you could figure it out. I can’t tell if the tomatoes are warmed in any way or simply prepared cold. Any ideas? I continue to enjoy your site. I thought if anyone would know how to create something so decadently similar you guys would.

  10. I wish we got out more — I’d definitely persuade the husband to see Julie and Julia… if nothing else to inspire more cooking like you describe. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the movie, so I’m not sure how to replicate the dish you’re hankering for. Perhaps you could consult Julia’s book? I think they actually cooked from it. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading and good luck!

  11. Hi there, could you possibly tell me how you created the recipe index?


  12. Kendle & Jen,

    Hey y’all – I love the pictures and would relish the chance to be Uncle Rob… I’m co-parenting a 2 & 6 year old…

    I love you and would @ least like to talk…



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